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The Stan Saylor Band

A 6 piece band featuring Stan Saylor on accordion, Joe Stasa on drums, Cal Woolston on saxophone, Michael Fox on clarinet, Devin Hahn on trombone, and Terry Baker on trumpet.

The Stan Saylor Band specializes in Czech polkas and walzes, but they play all the major polka styles. They also play many old standards.

The Stan Saylor Band is available to play for weddings, public dances, festivals, or other events. Please contact Stan Saylor for pricing information and for scheduling arrangements. Please see our contact page for Stan's phone number, email address and business address.

Dinner and drinks are included with the entrance fee for the New Years Eve dance December 31. Stay posted for further details.

2014 Band Schedule

Stan Saylor Band Song Samples

Left click on the links below, and the song sample should start playing in your default media player. If the song files below don't play by left clicking on the links, please do the following. Right click links below, then select save target as. Save mp3 file to a location on your computer where you can find it. Navigate to the location of the mp3 file, then open it with your favorite media player.

Andulicka Polka sample: Andulicka Polka
Anicka Polka sample: Anicka Polka
At The Spring Waltz sample: At The Spring Waltz
Broke But Happy Polka sample:Broke But Happy Polka
Good Morning Polka sample: Good Morning Polka
Happy Moments Polka sample:Happy Moments Polka
It's Your Fault Polka sample:It's Your Fault Polka
Like A Rose Polka sample: Like A Rose Polka

Stan Saylor Band You Tube Videos

The following You Tube videos were recorded in August 14, 2011 at the Owosso ZCBJ.

Playing Band Polka

" />

Dance Hall Polka

It's Your Fault Polka

When You're Smiling

The following You Tube videos were recorded on May 15, 2011 at the Owosso ZCBJ.

Anicka Polka

Hill and Dale Polka

If There Were No Music Polka

This Evening Polka

You Are Beautiful Polka

Stan Saylor's description of various Polka Styles

Czech, or Bohemian
Smooth music with lots of brass, bass tuba, drums and accordion. Lots of dynamics and expression.
Snappy music, faster than czech. Uses accordion, saxophone, banjo and drums.
Similar to czech but with more beat dynamics. Uses bass tuba, accordion, drums and lots of brass. There are now different varieties of german music played today by new generation musicians.
Snappy polish hop. Uses trumpets, accordion, drums and other instruments. There are oberaks, polkas, and waltzes. Polish styles can be quite fast.

Stan Saylor plays all the above styles, both in his band, and as an individual performer.